Do you remember your first experience flying a kite? Some of us have only tried it once or twice, while others have developed a strong passion for the sport. Kite flying is not just an experience, it’s a form of art. Kites are beautiful, as well as practical. They can be displayed on their own, or interwoven with other kites to make different patterns in the sky. Kites come in all sorts of shapes and designs. You can find brightly colored kites in the shape of birds, sea creatures, and flowers.

There is something truly magical about letting a kite fly into the vast and open sky. It feels as if a whole new world opens up. Airy Tails explores the childlike wonder and amazement of kite flying. A little fox imagines flying with his whimsical kites as they ascent into the sky. The kites are an extension of the fox. They are not only his creations, but also his friends. He imagines following them on a great adventure in the sky.

This painting serves as a reminder to let your inner child out once in a while. Regardless of our life situations, we must give ourselves time to imagine, create, and play. The thought of flying away leaves us with a sensation of freedom and an opportunity to dream big. And there is nothing wrong with dreaming. After all, dreams oftentimes become a reality.

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