Bowser might arguably be the best character in the Super Mario franchise. That’s a bold statement to make, but everyone knows that a hero is only as good as his antagonistic counterpart. Bowser has incredibly versatile roles in the games. He has been the cruel tyrant and the comically inept antihero. Realistically, Mario would hardly stand a chance against this giant turtle demon. Bowser is incredibly strong, he breathes fire, and he has magical powers. Some folks even believe he is a dark magician with the power of immortality.

And have you seen his hair? He’s a diehard punk rock fan! Now we really wonder if Princess Peach is secretly into bad boys. There has been some debate as to whether Princess Peach is really in danger of kidnap or if she’s playing hard to get. After being kidnapped so many times, you would think she would take greater precautions. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a giant turtle that does magic and listens to good music?

It’s also worth mentioning that Bowser is a creative genius! He must have spent some serious time thinking up idea for all of his minions. Bowser’s Lab takes a sneak peek into the life and work of this evil genius. Not only are bowser’s creations practical, but they are also environmentally conscientious. Most of his minions are crafted from recycled and eco-friendly products. And they’re really cute too! Bowser really deserves some recognition for his creativity and style. Here’s to you, Bowser!

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