Have you ever wondered why some dreams feel so real? Our minds have a hard time telling the differences between the experiences in dreamland and in reality. Scientists believe that people dream as a way to practice solving problems. The dreams feel real because our minds have to believe in the simulation to fully reap the benefits of practice. Only about one in twenty times do people catch themselves dreaming and become lucidly aware.

To some people dreams are a way to escape reality. And perhaps reading is a doorway there. Reading plants the seed of possibility that is realized in those dreams. It stirs the imagination and helps to create endless paths in the dream world. In Lewis Carroll’s iconic classic Alice in Wonderland, a young girl dazedly notices a magical rabbit and follows it down the rabbit hole on a great adventure. The rabbit hole represents her departure from the realm of consciousness. She enters into the world of dreams and endless possibilities. Alice is so fully immersed in this world that we begins to believe that she is really there. It is only at the end of the story, that we find out it was all just a dream.

Although modern technology has attempted to explain away any deeper meanings to dreams, many people still believe in the spiritual work of dreams. Perhaps they hold onto the mystery and magic that really lies in the depths of the dreamland. Just as Alice believed in Wonderland, there are those who are willing to believe in the magical world that lies just beyond our conscious minds.

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