Why do some people have such a strong desire to travel and experience new things? It seems counterintuitive to step out of the comfort zone. Our brains must assess the risk in all kinds of ways. Traveling can induce stress, unusual emotions, potential consequences, and so on. So what makes it all worth the risk? Some people just have the traveling bug and they are willing to take the leap without fear of the unknown. Scientists believe that risky behavior is something people have in their genes. It might also be linked to their level of creativity. Some people just want to experience new things as a way to engage with novelty, and to feel alien for a while.

When a person travels, they usually pack light. This is the practical approach, especially if there are a lot of destinations in mind and questionable means of getting there. However, there are those who like to travel comfortably. Some folks take on adventures with a cart full of luggage, or even with a trailer. They want to experience the world with the comforts of home. Everyone has a different approach, and it works as long as it doesn’t encumber the traveler’s experience.

But why stop there? Instead of bringing a trailer on an adventure – why not take a whole house, or a castle? Wanderlust inspires the idea of having your home as a traveling companion. Miyazaki’s brilliant film Howl’s Moving Castle, tells the story of a whimsical wizard, who travels around in a fantastic steampunk house. This hodgepodge castle moves on four legs and is packed to the brim with curiosities and magic. Wanderlust takes on the same concept as the film as imagines a world were travel, wizardry, and creativity meet.

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