Art by Faina Copyright 2016


Russian-born artist. Eccentric storyteller. Painter of whimsical, fantastical and curious things.
Faina Lorah is a Russian-born surrealist oil painter based in the Pacific Northwest. Her unique style combines fantastical dreamscapes, spirituality, and Victorian elegance. She recently won multiple awards for her work and is showcasing her paintings in numerous galleries and museums in the Pacific Northwest.
Faina attended The Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. She also served as an apprentice under noted artist Angela Pozzi in Bandon, Oregon. Faina is highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the visual arts and spirituality. Currently, she is working on her first illustrated book of Russian folk tales.

Her work is creating a positive influence on audiences everywhere.


Art can have a deep emotional impact and my goal is to take the language of art and use it to create profound and meaningful relationships with individuals, families and communities. Growing up in Russia I was greatly impacted by folklore, traditional art and illustration. Now my goal is to share and expand on the art and stories that impacted my life. All of this is done with the hope that it will bring joy to others and inspire them to grow in their own creativity.