Basically, there are two ways you can host an event: in your studio, or outside of your studio. If you’re starting out as artist, you may want to host an event, but you may not know where to start. Whether you’re showing off your art at home, or at your local coffee shop, there are a variety of ways to make it happen.

Host an Event in Your Home

Do you rent a tiny studio, work in your spare bedroom, or the garden shed? Then hosting an event in your home might be a good option for you. If you’re just starting out, it’s not essential for you to book a venue. Just use your house to host and invite your friends to look at your new artwork. Even if you’ve been in the art industry for a while, hosting in your own home can save time and money. Put up art around your house as if you were displaying it in a gallery. Use open spaces in your home such as the living room, hallways and kitchen. People will be able to rotate through the house and enjoy your art while they socialize. Treat it like a party, and include food, drinks, and entertainment. You may want to draw everyone in and talk about your art. Or explain what inspired you to have the event.

Host an Event Outside of Your Home

If you can’t image hosting an event in your home, it might be time to consider your other options. You could try to go the traditional route and contact local galleries, but this might be difficult to achieve as an emerging artist. Galleries are looking for established artists, who can draw a crowd to their art openings. It is much easier to look for other businesses in your community. Contact coffee shops, restaurants, and even unexpected places like your local bank or veterinary office. These places have lots of wall space they are looking to fill. If you want to show off your art, you can ask them about having a reception at their business.

I recently hosted a book release/gallery show at a venue in Portland, OR. They had a stage where I could read from my book, a full bar and restaurant, and wall space for my art.  I had noticed the space while I was meeting with someone there and simply emailed them with my proposition. They were excited to schedule my event and promote it locally. The event was a huge success!

Don’t be shy about asking around to see if local businesses will host your event. They are interested in drawing new people into their businesses and your art may the key! The best way is to go to the local business, and ask them in person if they would interested in working with you (or simply send them an inquiring email).

Take a chance with local businesses in your area, and they will be happy to help you in return! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and host an event. Whether it is in your home or at a local venue, hosting an event is a great way to introduce others to your art.

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