What does it mean to be an ascending artist? You can simply be an artist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re growing, reaching, and striving in your artistic efforts. In my definition of the term, you’ve got to WANT your art dream more than anything. If you’re ascending, you’re moving forward constantly. You may still be at your day job or finishing school, but you have your art goals straight ahead of you. Everything that you do is a concentrated effort to become a successful artist.

Self-discipline, consistency, determination, and entrepreneurship are key elements of the journey to achieving your dreams. If you want to take the next step on your artist path… keep reading!


If you’re interested in becoming a successful artist, then self-discipline is going to be your best friend. Self-discipline means setting goals and staying focused. Decide what you want, then make a list of small steps to reach your goals. Make a schedule for yourself and don’t give up or veer off track. You can make changes to your plans as time goes by to increase productivity. However, if you loosen up on your plans and lose your discipline there won’t be anything to guarantee your success. Being an artist is hard. It’s more work than any day job because you don’t get evenings and weekends off. You’re completely in charge of your own success and if you don’t consider yourself to be self-starter, you may not last long in the game.


If you plan on being a successful artist, be prepared for a whole lot of consistency. You’ve going to need to schedule and set dates for art shows, conventions, and classes. And you’ll need to carve out time to make new art. You’re also going to find yourself confronted with the monster called social media. The secret to social media is CONSISTENCY. Before considering yourself an ascending artist, ask the hard questions. Am I going to be able to focus on growing my art business every day? Am I going to be able to keep my art commitments? Keep those questions in mind, especially if you’re still trying to juggle a day job, family, school, and a million other obligations.


If you’re afraid of failure than you’ve got to face that fear as an ascending artist. Plan on reaching for the moon and you may hit some birds, clouds, planes, and satellites along the way. Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s not going to be an easy ride. You’re going to be turned down by galleries, museums, conventions and tons of other events. People are going to tell you that your dreams are not practical and that you need a fallback plan. Worst of all, you’re going to have an enemy called yourself.

If you haven’t faced doubt before then you’re probably not human. As an ascending artist you’re going to face a lot of doubt. However, think of it this way: the higher you rise, the further you fall. Once you start ascending there’s just no way back. If you quit your day job, are you really going to go crawling back? No! You’ve got to keep going up because there’s no way back. Stay focused!Look at your aspirations as an opportunity: in times of difficulty, you will do your best to succeed because there are no other options. Hard work will yield results. Without some discomfort, you may never grow.

Entrepreneurship When you’re an ascending artist, you’re your own boss. You have to make the tough decision. If you’re lucky you may have someone in your life that can give you some pointers. However, much of the journey that you travel with be a lonely one. That’s OK! Being your own boss is amazing, but you have to work very hard, be creative and business savvy. There are many wonderful art books out there that can educate you about being a successful creative individual. Take advantage of those resources.

If you consider yourself a follower and not a leader, then the chances of succeeding start to drop. There’s isn’t going to be anyone holding your hand. Many artists leave their responsibilities up to agents or gallery representatives. It’s just not enough. You have to go out there and meet people, shake hands, and tell them about yourself and your art. Create a brand name for yourself and look for opportunities for yourself. You are basically creating a brand new product on the market and it is your artwork. How are you going to sell it?

No one told me when I started out as an artist that it was going to be so hard. It also ended up being the most REWARDING thing I have ever done. So if you’re ready for resistance, change, and a lot of metaphorical satellites hitting you on the way to the moon, then start following your dreams! Your inner ascending artist will thank you.

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