Curiouser and curiouser! The imaginary world is full of such fantastic and beautiful things. Alice’s Wonderland brought us the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. Peter Pan’s Neverland introduced us to the lost boys and Captain Hook. In the same way, Miyazaki lets us dream with his fantastical Studio Ghibli creations. He strikes the perfect balance between fantasy and reality. We are able to suspend our beliefs and become fully immersed in his amazing world. Deeply touched by his characters, we think fondly of them for years to come.

Why are Studio Ghibli films so captivating? One element of their whimsy, is the amount of detail included in each scene. Countless tiny details give the illusion that dozens of stories are going on at the same time. Miyazaki focuses on finding a balance between maturity and magic by tackling difficult issues in an unassuming settings. Similarly, the characters appear quite simple, but in reality they are full of depth.

Imagine if you were a character in one of the Ghibli films. Which magical spirits would you want to meet along the way? Would you want a fish friend like Ponyo? Or a funny fire companion like Calcifer? Curios invites you on an adventure through Miyazaki’s magical world. Bring some empty jars and fill them with soot sprites and woodland spirits. Always hold onto them as a reminder of the magic alive in your heart.

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